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How To Choose A Sleeping Bag

Womens Sleeping Bags

How to Find The Best Sleeping Bag For Camping or Backpacking

There is a myriad of options to consider when selecting the right sleeping bag for camping or backpacking. Understanding your use case and needs for sleeping can help you narrow down the options to better choose a sleeping bag. Regardless of your use-case, the goal is the same: get a good night’s sleep under the stars or inside a tent. 

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Patagonia Trucker Hat Giveaway

Patagonia Trucker Hat Giveaway

Patagonia trucker hats are seriously my favorite. I’ve tried to sport other trucker hats from various brands (from well-known to custom creations), but always keep coming back to my beloved Patagonia Master Chief Trucker Hat. This month, I’ll be…

January womens outdoor gear picks

My Favorite Gear – January Gear Roundup

Top Women’s Gear Picks for January What’s in your kit? Here are three of my top gear picks for the month of January – all gear picks are items that I use and love.…

Patagonia Women's R1 Fleece Hoody

Gear Review: Patagonia Women’s R1 Fleece Hoody

The one piece of gear you’ll want in the mountains. In our household, we tend to think of outdoor clothing as tools, just like any good piece of gear. Well, the Patagonia Women’s R1 Fleece Hoody is just that –…

Black Diamond Front Point Bibs

Gear Review: Women’s Black Diamond Front Point Bibs

Bomb Proof Women’s Bibs That Will Keep You Warm & Dry Overall, the women’s Black Diamond Front Point Bibs are a burly option that will protect you against the elements and keep you warm in snowy conditions. Great, minimalist…