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#learningtoextreme Climbing Training – Month Two Check-in

Climbing NE Ridge Bugaboo Spire

Climbing training and getting fit for the mountains.

Well, it’s been about a month and half… Time to check in with my training and progression in preparing for climbing in the Bugaboos! This month has been highly productive in getting my nutrition and workout regimen on track. We’ve also done some mountain adventures (climbing and backcountry skiing) and have much more planned over the next few months. Let’s take stock with my nutrition, fitness and trip planning… Continue Reading


Classic Climbs at City of Rocks, Idaho

Top sport and trad climbing routes at City of Rocks For any climber, visiting the City of Rocks National Reserve is a magical experience. The landscape is covered with endless rock fields and features. It literally looks like a…

Tribal Boundaries - Rock climbing City of Rocks

Learn to Rock Climb

Learn To Climb With Five Accessible Climbing Resources So, you want to learn how to climb? Well, now is the time to do it. Really. Climbing can be an intimidating sport to get into, but it’s more accessible than…