• Mt Si Trail

    Hiking Mt. Si – Seattle, WA

    An accessible day hike 45 minutes from Seattle Hiking Mt. Si is often a recurring experience for many Seattleites – to say it’s a popular trail is an understatement. Located in…

  • city-of-rocks-national-reserve

    Classic Climbs at City of Rocks, Idaho

    Top sport and trad climbing routes at City of Rocks For any climber, visiting the City of Rocks National Reserve is a magical experience. The landscape is covered with endless rock…

  • Patagonia Trucker Hat Giveaway

    Patagonia Trucker Hat Giveaway

    Patagonia trucker hats are seriously my favorite. I’ve tried to sport other trucker hats from various brands (from well-known to custom creations), but always keep coming back to my beloved Patagonia…

  • Womens Flylow Billie Coat

    Gear Review: Flylow Billie Coat – Women’s

    A burly ski jacket for women that’s functional and stylish If I’m completely honest, what initially attracted me to the Flylow Billie Coat were the colors… Mainly, the purple (I’m a…

  • Tracked out skiing at a ski resort

    7 Tips On How To Be A Better Skier

    Improve Your Skiing With These Specific Tactics We all ski because it’s fun, right? Well, for the average skier, working on your technique and form can allow you to extend the…

  • Telluride CO Winter
    Lifestyle Outdoors

    48 Hours in Telluride, CO

    Two Days in the Heart of the San Juan Mountains Situated in a box canyon in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, Telluride, CO, is one of Colorado’s famous mountain…

  • Tribal Boundaries - Rock climbing City of Rocks

    Learn to Rock Climb

    Learn To Climb With Five Accessible Climbing Resources So, you want to learn how to climb? Well, now is the time to do it. Really. Climbing can be an intimidating sport…